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What is TRX? (Total body Resistance Exercise)

TRX suspension training uses the suspension of two strong straps (tied together in a hook) that end up on two handles. It is said that this method was invented by an American marine named Randy Hetrick in order to keep the Navy Seal team at the top of its performance. TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) is a piece of revolutionary and innovative fitness equipment that was introduced to our country a few years ago; its popularity amongst trainers and trainees is increasingly growing.

A major advantage, that the use of TRX presents, is the minimization of training time accomplishing total body workout while alternating exercises within seconds.

Who can train with TRX?

Training with straps can be easily performed regardless of the exercising individual’s age and sex from beginners to the most advanced trainees and from amateurs to gymnastics/sports professionals. It can be part of supplemental or core training.

It is already used by many athletes or non-athletes as part of their training with the intention of improving their physical condition, but also in the context of a rehabilitation period following an injury.

The classification of exercises is the following:

  • power exercises
  • reintegration into daily activities following injuries
  • stabilization exercises
  • proprioception exercises
  • motor control exercises
  • endurance exercises

And a combination of all the above.


The type of training can be modified according to the needs of the trainee. If an aerobic programme is required for weight reduction and muscle strengthening, TRX will simultaneously activate multiple muscles, increase heart rate, and burn more calories than the conventional fitness equipment. With TRX there is constant training as the trainee alternates exercises in a circular programme that strengthens the heart and increases muscular endurance.

The benefits of TRX for the spinal cord and overall health.

The greatest advantage of TRX, what makes it so effective is that the effective training of a particular muscular group requires the active involvement of the entire muscular system and of the torso, in particular (abdominal and dorsal muscles), for the correct position of the exercising individual.

The fact that the trainee is literally suspended in the air, supported only by the available straps during exercises, rapidly increases testosterone production and growth hormone secretion. Thus, maximum benefits are achieved in terms of strength, balance, and muscle hypertrophy. Training with straps is classified as functional training, since it allows for 3D movements on all three axes. Spinal reflexes are also activated within the spinal cord, minimizing the chances of injury.

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