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What is a pelmatogram (gait kinetic analysis)?

This is a paraclinical examination of the lower limbs. What is needed in order to carry out this examination is a pressure mat with pressure sensors, on which we can stand and walk with a view to analyzing our posture and gait.

The foot pressure measurement is divided into two phases:

Static readings
During this stage, the examined individual stands on a pressure mat, while the computer device records the results of standing pressure distribution on the plantar aspect.

Dynamic readings
During this stage, the patient walks on a special platform (baropodometric treadmill) developing a normal axis and speed, while the diverse phases of gait are processed; the pressures exerted on each square centimeter of the plantar aspect are recorded by a computer connected to the device.

When is it necessary?

  • With a view to maintaining a constant temperature of the lower limbs of diabetics.
  • In the case of leg length discrepancy, in order to avoid posterior issues in the waist, the knees, or the pelvic area (hip joint).
  • In children aged 6 years and older, with the aim of reversing the pathology of postural problems such as pes planus (flat feet).
  • In the case of deformities such as pes planus (flat feet), talipes cavus / pes cavus (contracted foot) for the balancing out of the pressure applied to the plantar aspect.
  • It is recommended for athletes who seek to increase performance and prevent injuries.
  • On a daily basis, as it offers maximum relief while walking and standing.

Why does TherapyLab recommend the Medisteps material?

The construction material of Medisteps Orthotics is of the highest quality as they are certified in their entirety by CE from EOF (National Organization for Medicines). Medisteps orthotics ensures that the most environmentally-friendly specifications are applied as far as the welding material is concerned. The leather used is also certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association. The measurements are carried out by qualified, accredited health professionals who guarantee the proper medical results from the use of the afore-mentioned orthotics. Following the pelmatogram examination, the relevant data are transmitted to a specialized designer for the final corrections before manufacturing.

Where measurements can be made?

  • At the offices of TherapyLab.
  • In contracted fysikotherapeytiria and surgeries.
  • In schools.
  • In Municipalities.
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