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Our Approach

TherapyLab is a Physical Therapy clinic that engages both in the short-term reduction of patients’ symptoms as well as in the holistic approach for the long-term management and rehabilitation of injuries, as well as the handling of chronic pain conditions. In this context, after the first rehabilitation cycle when the goal of relieving symptoms is achieved, we proceed to the second cycle which aims at sustaining results for as long as possible and preventing potential re-injury.

The first cycle of therapy includes the use of electrotherapy, thermotherapy, ultrasound, laser therapy, as well as intramuscular stimulation, massage therapy and manual therapy depending on the indications of every condition.

The second cycle of therapy constitutes an innovation in rehabilitation practices: following the completion of the first cycle, each patient enters a programme of personal or group therapeutic exercise. Personal therapy sessions last for 30min or 50min while group therapy sessions last for 50min and include up to four persons. Therapy sessions are divided into seven different categories.

The first category is TherapySpine which deals with increasing overall body strength and focuses on core stability in conditions and injuries of the spinal column.

The second category is TherapyLeg which deals with increasing overall body strength and focuses on the lower limbs.

The third category is TherapyArm which deals with increasing overall body strength and focuses on the upper limbs.

The fourth category is TherapyOsteo which deals with therapeutic exercises for metabolic disorders, such as osteoporosis.

The fifth category is TherapyReuma which deals with therapeutic exercise for rheumatic conditions and auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and multiple sclerosis (MS).

The sixth category is TherapyFalls which deals with improving balance and overall body strength for the elderly with a view to better quality of life and avoiding falls.

Finally, the seventh category is TherapyAthletes which deals with the prevention of injuries and the rehabilitation of football and volleyball athletes.

TherapyLab offers therapeutic exercise sessions led by highly qualified physical therapists, thus minimizing the potential of relapse and recurrence or re-injury. Our profound knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and our consistent compliance to the World Health Organization standards guarantees the premium quality of our services. Our exceptional physiotherapy team, led and supervised by Dr. Georgios Tsatsakos, is able to offer specialized services while promoting a culture of learning and knowledge sharing.

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