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TherapyLab has provided high quality physical therapy and therapeutic exercise services to the city of Karystos for over thirteen years. It is the first physical therapy clinic of the city. Our ground-floor premises, located along the beach of Karystos, offer parking facilities.

Karystos TherapyLab offers physical therapy for a wide range of diseases and injuries, biomechanical analysis of walking (gait analysis), intramuscular stimulation through dry-needling, therapeutic exercise and massage therapy. Visit us to find three therapy rooms and a therapeutic exercise space. The latter is fully-equipped with Reformer, TRX, dumb-bells and balance boards.

Karystos TherapyLab is committed to constantly upgrading the services provided, and thus has launched a summer program of equine therapy for disabled children who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). We are contracted with ΕΟΠΥΥ and also treat patients with any private insurance whatsoever. Therapy sessions are scheduled by appointment in the mornings or afternoons and depending on the severity of the case may be immediately arranged.

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