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Head Therapist

“After becoming a Doctor from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of the Democritus University, I establish the second physiotherapy laboratory in Athens, Gazi TherapyLab.  At the same time I establish the Therapylab KOINSEP through which I systemize the therapeutic exercise programs and protocols of TherapyLab recovery and create according to the standards of Great Britain the first Greek franchise system of laboratories physiotherapy. My vision is to create a large network of physiotherapy TherapyLab laboratories, in accordance with European standards, in cooperation with new members will provide the highest quality services, promotes the science of physiotherapy and will establish the necessity of therapeutic exercise in consciousness of the patient.”

The Therapy Lab team in Nea Philadelphia

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The Therapy Lab team in Nea Smirni

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The Therapy Lab team in Peristeri

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The TherapyLab team in Karystos

Areti Seimonidou

Επιστ. Υπεύθυνος – Φυσιοθεραπευτής
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