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Food pyramid

Diet Tips

Start your day with a good breakfast.
Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day so it is often referred to as the ” gasoline ” of our agency! Our bodies need energy to function properly. After bedtime this energy is impaired and needs to replaced. The breakfast will provide you with greater concentration in school, better performance on courses and greater strength in sports. Though it be in a hurry here are some practical options for breakfast that you can either have prepared the night before, either the consumption on the way to school!
• Cereal milk + 1 fruit
• 1 toast + 1 glass of natural juice
• 1 Thessaloniki bun + 1 fruit + 1 glass of milk

Tried to use 3 main meals and 2 intermediate in the day.

Besides breakfast, lunch and evening meal you tried to use and in between meals. Will help to control your hunger better. If many hours elapse from one meal to another you are going to starve and then you will not be able to control the amount you will eat. So the morning at school and in parallel with the afternoon activities you can consumption of fresh or dried fruit, toast, cereal bar, yogurt and other nutritious snacks.

Eat foods from all food groups!
A balanced diet includes eating variety, so they hire all the necessary nutrients for our body! According to the pyramid of the Mediterranean diet should consume daily starchy foods (pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, cereal), dairy products, fruits and vegetables, while fish, egg and chicken needs to exist in the our diet 2-3 times a week. In contrast, the sweet and red meat (beef, pork, etc.) must be limited to 1 time per week.

Say yes to fruits and vegetables!
5 servings a day!
Tried to use at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day! One serving is considered a fruit, ½ glass of juice or 1 cup salad. Your main meals accompanied with salad, put veggies in sandwich, eat a piece of fruit as a snack or a fruit salad with honey and yogurt for dessert! Supply us with essential vitamins and minerals to be strong and healthy! Remember to have different colors: red, yellow, orange … Each has different vitamins.

Say yes to whole grain foods!
Wholegrain foods (bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, etc.) in addition to valuable vitamins contain fiber, which help our gut to work properly, while we eat faster and better!

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