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Classic Massage

This is a special technique where the use of therapeutic treatment is tailored to your personal needs and desires. With the TherapyLab Classic Massage, increase in blood circulation, relief from muscle spasms as well as mental well-being are achieved.

30min 20€ / 60min 30€

Deep Tissue Massage

This particular form of massage is applied to the “deep” tissues of the muscular system, alleviating chronic pains. Using a variety of pressure, Deep Tissue Massage aims at relaxing the muscles, increasing blood flow and oxygenation and removing toxins.

30min 20€ / 60min 30€

Couple’s Massage

Couples, friends or colleagues can now share the experience of a massage and enjoy the benefits of the process together. Couples feel that they share the same enjoyment of well-being, friends taste a common experience that will connect them even more and colleagues combine the useful with the pleasant, transforming “office” into a less strict space.

30min 40€ / 60min 60€

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Gentle massage that activates lymph circulation and natural movement of the tissues under the skin. It improves the health and beauty of the skin, stimulates the body’s immune system and defenses, and eliminates metabolic products through lymph drainage from the face, neck and chest, thus helping to detoxify the whole body.

60min 30€


Hot Stones

Lithotherapy combined with heat has been used as a remedy for thousands of years. The healing power of warm stones combined with essential oils and the massage that follows lead to a deep relaxing experience for both body and spirit.

60min 30€/ 90min 45€


By applying special pressure on hands, soles and face, the technique focuses on internal organs while affecting the entire body in a beneficial way. Reflexology restores balance to your body.

60min 35€


Cupping is an ancient Chinese practice in which a suction cup with reduced pressure is placed on the body so that the skin and surface muscles are pulled and held in it.

Cupping is a completely safe, non-violent massage technique used to relieve muscle pain and improve circulation through the hyperemia caused in the treated area. Small bruising may occur after completion of treatment, which disappears within a few days.

30min 20€

Sport Massage

Specialized massage technique combined with stretching, which provides appropriate support and is tailored to the needs and nature of each sport. Suitable for preparation and recovery.

30min 20€/ 60min 30€

Chair Massage

Massaging with fingertips and elbows centered on back, shoulders, neck and hands. It is applied over clothing and is suitable for those who seek a few minutes of relaxation during a break from work or at the end of a tiring day.

15min 8€


Try a private sauna service, alone or with your partner, combining the sauna benefits with a massage service. The sauna will prepare your body and enhance the healing action of the program that you will choose.

30min 8€

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