A preventive program of exercise that aims to improve your balance, the muscle strength  and the kinesthetic.

Discover Athens by combining a week of healing exercise and wellness.  

More and more people throw health tourism are combining vacation with exercise, prevention and cure. With high quality amenities, qualified and highly professional staff with international reorganization. In the country that medicine was born,  we want to contribute to the long tradition of the health tourism.


Our programs:

 Peventing Falls Program

Aim: empowering the muscles and good balance in order to prevent falls in adults over 55.

Included: 50 mins of daily expert therapeutic exercise using a chair, therabands, elastic bands, dumb bells.


Where: In a specially designed and safe space at TherapyLab, by specialist physiotherapists. The place is only 400m from a Metro station at the center of Athens (map).


Provisions:      - Stay in one of the following


                        - Mediterranean meal after the program

                        - TherapyLab Pack


Holistic approach is gaining more and more space between scientific circles, so you will not just learn about care and healing certain symptoms or diseases for which there is already superior infrastructure.

We want to combine all the key features that make our country unique, like its rare natural environment that calms body and soul, the wonderful climate and our rich cultural heritage. And of course, healthy diet with fresh and pure products from the greek nature, cooked the traditional way of the mediterranean cuisine. Last but not least, the warm hospitality and care of people that will ensure your health, well-being and stay with us.

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